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Business Assistant



  • Maintain files and data used for projects and clients.

  • Organize large amounts of information into coherent format and reports.

  • Gather and expedite information from various parties both internal and external to the company.

  • Assist engineers in developing and maintaining project documentation, including drawings, specifications, meeting minutes, vendor communications, approvals, and other project documentation.

  • Perform daily assigned tasks as related to specific functions that may include any combination of drawings, review of or the creation or update of permits.

  • Excellent oral English in business communication is a must.

  • Access various databases that provide engineering and facility assignment records.


  • Excellent oral English in business communication is a must.

  • Ability to handle multiple priorities and maintain professionalism and composure while working under critical deadlines.

  • Bachelor or above education, building related major with business background is preferred.

  • Ability to organize work & manage projects & programs, set priorities, follow up on assignments, with minimum supervision within established timelines.


  • Qualified Working Visa is required, PR is preferable

  • Workplace: Vermont

  • Three-month internship,return offer is available

Personal Attributes

  • Positive outlook and can-do attitude

  • Retain composure in pressure situations

  • Ability to form relationships at all levels 

  • Good communication skills

  • Likes working in a team environment

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