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Alan Jia

会计 Finance Manager

I graduated from Monash University in 2009 in professional accounting and later became a graduate accountant at Centro Properties Group, ASX: CNP (now known as Vicinity Centres, ASX: VCX).

From Oct 2011 to May 2016, I worked with Clenergy International (Shanghai Stock Exchange Listed Company, SHN: 603628) as a Financial Accountant and was promoted to Senior position in 2015. 
From May 2016 to March 2018 I worked as an FR&A for Energy Markets Opex at AGL Energy Ltd (ASX: AGL).

Since March 2018, I have been working at Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (parent company Hong Kong Listed Company, HKG 1717) as the Finance Manager leading the finance team.

Having been working as a tutor or CPA teacher for couple of years, I am keen to share my knowledge and experience with whoever is seeking for a career development and skill enhancement.


Ludwing Zhou

Marketing 阿里巴巴

16+ years of advertising field experience in GER, China and AUS and 2 years work for the department of Alibaba Group marketing solutions.
His portfolio covers all kinds of accounts, include InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott, Cadillac, Volkswagen Auto, Pepsi Group, Chivas, Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Moët Hennessy Diageo, General Electric, New Zealand Tourism, Tourism Australia, Tourism Victoria, Tiffany, Burberry, P&G, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Nippon Paint, Philips, Kimberly-Clark, Lane Crawford, Ferrero, British American Tobacco Group, DuPont etc.
He has won many awards, such as Cannes Lions (2004, 2008, 2013), Oneshow (2008), Clios(2008, 2009), Adfest (2006), Media Spikes(2014), PMAA (2007), Effies (2004) etc.

•Expertise in excavating consumer insights, developing integrated marketing plan and cultivating engaged audiences through strategic and creative ideas;
•Exceptional knowledge of a wide range of categories and passionate for creative, resulting in excellent and innovative ideas to deliver world-wide level creative campaigns; 
•Solid experience in the field of design, with a wide perspective and understanding of other disciplines in the digital, marketing and advertising;
•Productively managing a broad range of communication channel and creative execution, comprising TVC, Print ads, Outdoors and social media;
•High level time management, prioritisation and projects planning to meet deadlines without supervision 
•Outstanding customer service and communication (written and verbal) skills; 
•The ability to learn new skills with confidence, adapt my skills to a range of work situations and drive to succeed;
•Strong team orientation and also impeccable attention to details.


Troy Li

​金融会计 Fund Accountant

CPA  就职于法国巴黎银行(BNP PARIBAS)证券服务部,专业领域涵盖Fund Management, Fund Accounting & Administration, Wealth Management, Superannuation, institutional banking。履历丰富,曾供职于多家澳洲主要金融机构如Macquarie Bank,联邦银行旗下资管公司Colonial First State 和ANZ institutional banking部门。面试经验丰富,特别对于四大银行Graduate program 尤有心得。



金融会计 ​Senior Banking Manager



Martin Lin

​金融,Financial Planner & Broker

Martin, 服务澳洲金融行业超过11年。拥有澳洲认可的注册金融规划师,澳洲资产管理及养老金规划认证顾问,澳洲信贷金融协会荣誉会员。作为金融顾问,Martin擅长聆听和分析每一位客户的真是需求,为客户设计针对性的投资理财贷款规划,致力于帮助客户以最合理的架构,多元化投资平衡风险,税务优化来实现财务增值。同时Martin有多年金融行业经验和大家分享。从应届毕业找工作,到职场磨练,如今成功自主创业,把从中的经验和大家分享。


Maybell Sun









工作之外,May 老师爱好广泛,略通中医芳香理疗;兼职从事CPA 现代商务课程教学;并且担任中国易效能时间管理合伙人;喜欢参与公开演讲以及读书会。运动项偏爱乒乓球以及跆拳道。


Alex Mai

​审计 PWC

曾供职于KPMG中国,PwC中国,现供职于PwC Australia,主要工作为金融行业审计,从业6年。副业为证券投资,至今4年。


Douglas Yu

IT 阿里巴巴



Lucas Wu

传媒设计, 央视编导








​Nicholas Yang


Co-founder of Selenic and 3CH, 平面设计,用户体验设计,网站前端, 11 years UI、UX、Graphic 的Design and Website Development experience.


​会计 Finance Manager

Perry Cao

I am a qualified CPA with extensive experience in financial management across professional service and commercial industry in Australia. I have become a member of CPA Australia since 2011. I am a driven accounting professional who is committed to helping people and uses technology with the ease of breathing. I also have experience managing relationships with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders. I believe in education and I push students to reach their potential long after they have left their studies. I am a very positive person and I demonstrate the qualities of a great teacher every time you are in my presence.

Specialities: Corporate Accounting, Auditing, Debtor (& Trade) Finance with funding management (Bank), Cashflow management, Budgeting, Job Hunting.


​咨询金融  Advisory Manager

​Jack Liu

曾供职Deloitte上海和纽约办公室,现任Deloitte Treasury and Capital Markets Advisory Manager。过往企业服务经验包括审计、风险管理、财务以及并购咨询,专业领域包括金融建模、设计并在全球推广德勤的各项金融产品、会计新准则项下及资金管理方面的专业工具。


​金融  Business Banking

Sean Wang

现就职于澳洲国民银行总部(NAB) Business Solution部门。社会职务为澳洲江苏总商会青商会副会长。研究生毕业于悉尼大学商学院。曾供职于澳洲Bendigo&Adelaide Bank。具备多年澳洲银行Retail和Business Banking方面经验。


会计 Financial Controller

Lei Dong

Financial Controller at Fintelligence
澳洲Cutting Edge Fintech公司之一,
曾在火币澳洲, 世界第三大数字币交易所任职Financial Controller.在此之前他还在澳洲多家知名中型企业担任过Head of Finance,他拥有超过7年的高管经验,而且还是一名皇家特许注册会计师。



Yuki Bao

10年工作经验的Chartered Accountants,5年辅导经验的职场导师。先后在consulting, finance, risk, project领域工作,任职单位包括KPMG, ANZ, Telstra和Department of Treasury and Finance 专注面试简历和职业发展个人化咨询。


IT Business Analyst Leader


8-years working experience in small agile to large IT and Finance Services, Recruitment Industries Previous IBMer.


​金融 Inverstment Manager

Ivan Li

Chartered holder of CFA and FRM;

Sound knowledge in a wide range of financial markets;


Strong investment mindset in trading and researching.

HNW client relationship management and business development experience.

Business Development Manager at Pureheart Capital Asia Limited.


​会计 CFO

Diana Liu

澳洲大型非营利机构前CFO及Executive Director,多家澳洲大型机构前CFO;18年会计招聘及培训经验;CPA 成员;悉尼大学会计硕士;PSYCH-K能量心理学平衡师;Dream Job Program 创始人



​Roy Xie

2009年毕业于La Trobe, Information System专业。
至今从事于Digital Marketing行业10余年,2012年有幸得到Google Global All-Star Competition Winner,受邀到Google旧金山Campus学习考察。
2009-2014的5年时间工作与澳洲知名Digital Marketing Agency,15年开始创业。
在过去10年中为超过100家大中小型企业提供Digital Marketing咨询服务。希望可以为刚毕业想在Digital Marketing行业内找到自己定位的同学们提供帮助。



Gavin Guo

• A certified practising accountant;
• Dual master degrees: Accounting and Commerce;
• Over nine years of solid experience in accounting & tax compliance.


供应链采购 ​, Senior Analyst

Rachel Liu

墨尔本大学Master毕业,大型西人公司(Home timber hardware, Repco, United Petroleum, Ford Motor Company etc) 从业12年。对数字敏感,热衷于研究政策进而合理配置资产规划,投资10年实现财务自由。




在澳大利亚会计师公会(CPA Australia) 有11年工作经验。对于Qualification assessment, migration assessment及skilled employment assessment共有10年经验。在Queensland有一年同公司customer service经验。



Hong Knowling

Hong holds masterís degrees in Business (Property) and Urban and Regional Planning. She is a full member of Planning Institute of Australia. Hong has over a decade of experience in urban planning both in Australia and internationally and she has been practicing as a qualified Town Planner and/or Property Analyst since 2007 in Victoria. Prior to this, she worked for Adelaide City Council and private and public sector in China.

With over 15-year experience, Hong has led and managed a variety of projects across the fields of land use planning, development contributions, land economics, structure plans, property development and business planning.


会计, Finance Business Partner

Veiya Shi

CPA,8年澳洲industry工作经验,涵盖Transport,Manufacturing,Digital Marketing等不同industry的Commercial Finance experience。现任某行业领头公司的Finance Business Partner position,帮助企业做战略,商业决策分析support,drive business growth。

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