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Senior Software Engineer


The company is an information technology company focusing on delivering simple and effective information regarding the Australia Stock Exchange.

The company has two exciting opportunities for an in-house Software Engineer to join our software team. You will play an active role in administering and managing the websites, applications as well as directly supporting software team build the stock information platform.


  • In charge of development of the company’s web project, which includes programming, debugging and testing our official website in both desktop and mobile version.

  • Responsible for developing internal systems for data collection & management.

  • Design and plan system architectures and choose technologies to be used in

  • our products.

  • Collaborate, discuss and decide the website's UI/UX with designers.

  • Research and improve website speed and SEO.

  • • Runs agile software developing process to discuss new features, set up development priorities, and figure out solutions for existing issues.


  • TR/PR is required

  • Workplace: Glen Waverley

  • Annual payment: $70,000-$80,000 (Depends on work experience and ability)


​​​Front-end skills:​

  • Writing semantic HTML(5) / pleasant CSS(3) / elegant JavaScript (ES6)

  • React JS / Redux / Webpack / ESLint

  • Knowledge of SEO and web performance optimization

Back-end skills:


  • Relational and non-relational databases such as PostgreSQL & MongoDB

  • Knowledge of server-side performance optimization such as Memcache & Redis

  • Experience with AWS

Other skills:

  • Familiar with Git or other version control system

  • Experience with RESTful APIs & WebSocket

  • Adhere to best practices, unit testing & continuous integration

  • Sysadmin for website hosting servers

  • Bachelor degree

  • 2-5 years’ experience

  • Language: Chinese (Required)

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